Looking for Greener Grass
Series 01, Episode 01
Looking for Greener Grass
Air Date 13 January 2008
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Looking for Greener Grass is the first episode of the first series of the show which was broadcast on the BBC for the first time on 13 January 2008.

Summary Edit

Young country girl Laura Timmins leaves her friends and family in the hamlet of Lark Rise to start her first job at the post office in the nearby town of Candleford. Postmistress Dorcas Lane gives Laura a warm welcome but other residents of Candleford aren't so generous.

When Lark Rise residents challenge the post office's 'eight-mile rule' that forces them to pay for delivery of telegrams, Laura finds herself torn between communities. By the quiet intervention of Dorcas, a way is found for the hamlet to be included within the limit. The episode ends with the inhabitants celebrating their victory.

Full plot Edit

Laura, the oldest child in the Timmins family, sets off for a new life and work in nearby Candleford when a new baby arrives in the family.

Candleford is the market town which provides services such as the Post Office where she finds herself starting her new job working for the Postmistress Dorcas Lane.

Tensions start to run high between Larkrise and Candleford over the poorer community having to pay for telegram deliveries, while Candleford do not, due to Larkrise supposedly being more than 8 miles away – the Postmistress and local Squire Sir Timothy quietly scheme to resolve the issue for both sides whilst allowing each to save face.

Bubbly neighbour to the Timmins, Caroline Arless, gets herself caught up with debt and the threat of prison when she succumbs to a barrel of beer on credit.